Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero – Free 5 Day Challenge

How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? 100? 1,000? 10,000? Don’t be scared to look. We’ve helped businesses with an excess of 23,000 emails in their inbox! And we’ve got them down to zero! There’s no judgement here – and it’s all doable.


The Inbox and Email Problem

So, tell us, how do you feel about your current email situation… Is your inbox a messy muddle? Do you waste precious time searching for emails? Do you have no system to file away correspondence? Are you drowning in marketing, industry  and membership newsletters? Are you embarrassed by the length of time it takes you to reply? Do you discover unanswered emails weeks after they landed in your inbox?

Stop. Take a breath. We’ve got you! Why not take the opportunity to reset some business habits.

How many emails are sitting in your inbox?


How many emails are sitting in your inbox?

The Inbox and Email Solution

Join us on our free Inbox Zero 5 Day Challenge We’ll take you through five simple steps that will have an instant impact on the size of your inbox! And you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work with us and have our support. 

Our mission is to help you work smarter, more efficiently and productively to save time, energy and money! And focusing on your email is a great place to start.

In one week we will have you down to inbox Zero! Not only that, we give you the tools and processes to keep it that way!

In our Inbox Zero 5 Day Challenge we ask you to complete 5 mini missions to get you and your inbox organised and streamlined. 

We know you are time-poor, crazy busy and spinning all the plates – so we’ve purposely made this super-easy for you. It’s going to be the most unchallenging challenge you’ll do this year!


What we cover

Every day we focus on a different area of your email system. We show you how to quickly and easily get your inbox empty, emails organised AND put in place strategies to keep it that way.  

Our mini missions  include:

  • Our recommended folder system
  • How to hit the reset button
  • The fastest, easiest way to bulk unsubscribe!
  • How to use filters and bypasses
  • How to use email templates

In just 5 days we will have you down to Inbox Zero!


In just 5 days we will have you down to Inbox Zero!

How it works

For five days you’ll receive an email with details of the day’s task, written step-by-step instructions and a supporting video (if you want to watch it – no pressure!). Each of the five small tasks will take you between 10-20 mins.

Imagine what it would feel like to open your inbox and see just a few messages to deal with and lots of empty space below!

We want you to throw away the fluster and make room for extra hours to spend on you! Our FREE Inbox Zero 5 Day Challenge will show you a clear path to follow so you’ll never find yourself sinking in emails again. 

Join us on Monday 12th September where we will walk you through 5 mini missions which will have an instant impact on you and your inbox.

Are you in? Sign up now for our fabulous Inbox Zero 5 Day (unchallenging) Challenge. We’ll help you escape from being a slave to your inbox and become that Productivity Queen!

We’re waiting for you – we have coffee and biscuits!

We are soooo excited!

Nina & Sarah xx

We support you all the way!


We support you all the way!

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