Joining Forces

How We Came To Join Forces


Hello there, 

Thanks for stopping by our website, we are Nina and Sarah and we would like to welcome you to our business Systems To Grow. We wanted to introduce ourselves and explain a little bit more about how we came to join forces.

How We Came To Be

Systems To Grow might be a new business but we’ve been hanging out together for a long time. We both worked together for a digital course provider, helping people become social media managers. A few years later and we have both launched our own successful businesses. We work with clients who are scaling and need help to grow smoothly and swiftly. This often requires us to implement project management tools, customer relationship management systems, create an onboarding process and help launch digital marketing campaigns. 

We have helped many, many businesses scale – from digital course providers to beauty brands, eComm businesses to career coaches, educational brands to website specialists. We found that often our clients would be looking for help but they would already be frustrated and overwhelmed with the increase in responsibilities and volume of decision making that comes with scaling a business. Our new clients were already working too hard, feeling stressed and exhausted by the situation they had got into. We could see how these situations could have been avoided if they had:

  • Put into place systems and processes sooner within their businesses
  • Not pressurised themselves into trying to do all the things at once
  • Known where to look for guidance and advice on digital tools, apps and solutions
  • Asked for help and outsourced some of the jobs and tasks earlier

Making a Bigger Impact

We chatted to each other regularly and knew that our clients were coming to us already struggling with the volume of admin, decision making and additional tasks that come with expanding a business. We knew we could help and the feedback we got from those businesses when we stepped in was amazing. We could see what a difference we were making – not only to their businesses but to their wellbeing too – 

“I wouldn’t have launched my course comfortably without your support Nina. Her reliability, attention to detail and knowledge of different tech, systems and processes, means I can hand things over quickly.”

“Having Sarah onboard increased my productivity, allowed me to take on more clients and dramatically reduced the overwhelm.”

It became clear that we could help more people and make a bigger impact if we shared our knowledge, know-how, expertise and experience in a digital course. Not only that, but we had been in the business! We knew how a digital course worked! And that’s when Systems To Grow was born.

We could help more people make a bigger impact

Our first solution 

We spoke to our clients and new entrepreneurs, we researched many scaling businesses, asked for feedback and sent out questionnaires. What became clearly apparent was that finding time to market your own business was extremely difficult. Making time to write those blogs, create new content, send out the weekly newsletters or post on social media was almost impossible. Content marketing was bottom of the to-do list – and sometimes it wouldn’t even get off the list. A job that either was too hard, too long or too overwhelming. 

When it comes to creating new, exciting and relevant content for your audience we have a solution – Systemise Your Content Marketing. A four-module online course! Self-paced, it will walk you through the steps of consistently showing up for your customers and potential clients. You can dip in and out of it using the bits relevant to you right now or you can work your way through each module, one lesson at a time. 

Systemise Your Content Marketing

Systemise Your Content Marketing

We give you inspiration, share our formulas, provide you with examples, resources and templates. We tell you our top-tips, time-hacks and must-haves. We cover:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Email Newsletters 
  • Blog writing
  • Social Media content

We give you all the tools, resources and planners to keep you on-top of your content marketing. We have a community of fellow business owners who are also looking to get their created content organised. We show you how to batch and work efficiently. Something you struggled with in the past will become a habit which you plan in advance and work at productively. 

We can’t wait for you to be part of our Systems To Grow family. For more information head over to our Systemise Your Content Marketing page. 

Take care

Nina and Sarah 


Nina & Sarah - Systems to Grow