How To Organise Your Social Media


How To Organise Your Social Media

How to organise your social media

Social Media is yet another job that any small business owner feels they have to add to their never-ending list of jobs. If you are selling online then the chances are you have at least one social media platform. Whether or not you are posting on social regularly is a totally different story!

Let’s get you organised

Firstly think about what platforms your audience is on. Where does your ideal customer hang out? If you are an eCommerce shop selling wellbeing products for teens then you’re unlikely to find your customers on LinkedIn. Similarly, if you’re a financial advisor, it’s unlikely that your social media efforts are best used on Instagram. So think about where your customers are and focus on one or two of these platforms. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you ought to be somewhere!

Let's Get Organised


Carving out time

Think realistically about how much time you can dedicate to your social media presence. You are best to approach this in two ways – Firstly commit to putting aside between four and eight hours a month – ideally in one or two blocks. Spend this time focusing solely on creating content for your social media channels and other digital marketing (we’re the Queens of Repurposing BTW). Depending on how much you accomplish will determine how often you’ll post content each week.

Now, look at your working week and put aside a small amount of time where you can regularly engage with your audience – ideally 2-3 times a week. Tip – It’s often a good idea to schedule your content to go Live about the same time as you are able to engage with your audience.

Block out time

We love to batch 

The idea of having a content creation day is so that you can build up a library of resources to repurpose across all your digital marketing – your social media, blogs, email newsletters, etc. Your content needs to resonate with your ideal customer. Think about what your clients’ pain points are, what they struggle with and how you can solve these challenges for them. 

Popular content includes how you can fix their problems, customer testimonials or user-generated content. Also, share your story and your brand’s values and personality. Our Systemise Your Content Marketing course gives you a bank of resources to dip into for ideas and prompts. You will have something to write about for a whole year!  

When you have written the copy for your social media posts, you’ll then have to create images. We recommend Canva – it’s the graphic design tool for the non-creative! Super easy to use and you can store all your branding on your account. We also have a fantastic downloadable that can help you plan, create and schedule content – just click here.

Content Creation

The best scheduler

By far the most efficient way of keeping on top of your social media is to schedule. And the best scheduling tool is the one you use! Everyone has their favourites, and no one scheduling tool ticks all the boxes. Go for the one you are most comfortable with. Our favourites include Later, Buffer, Hootsuite and ContentCal… we’re afraid that you probably need to test a few before you find the one you love.

Be consistant 

The best way to organise your social media is to commit to being consistent. If you can only manage two posts a week on two channels then that’s fine, as long as you are consistent. Of course, you’ll make more of an impact and increase your reach if you manage five posts on three platforms but as small business owners we can’t do everything! 

Systemise Your Content Marketing

If you want some guidance and support with your content marketing we’ve created a self-paced four module course.  Not only does it show you how and why you need to be sharing valuable content with your audience, but we give you a system to make it easy! You’ll learn how to plan and create your social media content efficiently, giving you more time to work on the things you love. 

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