Systemise To Thrive

6 Steps to organise, simplify and streamline your business

A very special exclusive course to simplify, streamline and organise your business.

Starting a business is a huge leap of faith. You may have left a job you didn’t like, one that wasn’t working with your home life or you have a brilliant idea which you want to turn into something big. Whichever way you got here – Congratulations! Working for yourself as a freelancer, contractor or business owner is no small feat. It takes courage, determination and belief – and that is something to be very proud of!

Now you are working for customers, pitching your services, selling your products and building up your client base, what’s the back-end of your business looking like? Does it reflect your “shop front”? OR is it fair to say things are largely a tangled mess?

Do you feel like on the surface things are looking smooth, sophisticated and professional but behind the scenes, you’re wading through chaos? Confused and stressed by the processes, digital tools, responsibilities and decision-making that comes with the growing success of your business?

We’re here for you! Systemise To Thrive is a very special Live 8-week course for small business owners and freelancers who want to get their business operating seamlessly… so building a bank of leads is easy, onboarding clients is a breeze and expanding your team is achievable. 

YES! You can have more clients, more revenue AND more time!! 

By putting in place simple, straightforward, tried and tested systems and processes, running and growing your business will become a joy!

How does Systemise To Thrive work?

The course covers six modules over eight weeks, plus you have two implementation weeks. You’ll have one Live lesson each week with the opportunity to ask questions (always recorded for catch-up and reference). You’ll be supported in a closed online group where you can ask for help, share your wins and network within the small cohort you’ll be learning with. 

We are both experienced and accomplished online business managers. We walk you step-by-step along our well-trodden path to get businesses organised, efficient, automated and streamlined!

You can check out our credentials here – [Nina Gordon and Sarah Forde].


There will be up to one hour of live training each week. A minimum of 30 mins teaching and up to 30 mins Q&A. You can also set aside between 1-2 hours for the implementation of learnings each week (totally optional!). Suggested tasks will be set after each training session to keep you focused and accountable. No pressure though – the course is available to you for 12 months from the start date, so you can go back and revisit any modules that you need a refresh on.


As well as a closed online group where you can ask questions you will also have A 1:1 welcome call where we explain how the course works, discuss what your business organisational goals are, answer any questions and make sure you are fully prepared and raring to go for the training! 

At the end of the course, we will also run a troubleshooting clinic. We will spend time going over any tools or tech you are finding challenging and answer any specific questions you might have.  We will also ask for your feedback on the training

The Goal

To have your business super-organised, running smoothly and efficiently with all the tools, tech and automations you need. You’ll have everything in the right place and at the click of a button. No more lost emails, docs or spreadsheets. You’ll be keeping track of leads, servicing your clients professionally and preparing to outsource work (the first step to building your team). You’ll have systems in place and processes to follow which will free up more time for you to do the things you love in your business.

What's Included

  • Email and inbox management  – no more lost or missed emails. Inbox zero (if you want), a fail-safe filing system with automated filtering!
  • Optimising all the best features of Google Workspace – how to use the tools and functions efficiently.
  • Diary Management and Time Blocking – how to work in time blocks and use your calendar to work smartly and save time. We also show you how to link in an automated appointment booking system.
  • Project Management Tools – How to set up and use a project management tool to keep track of your business admin, leads, clients and team. You’ll use it as part of your daily routine. 
  • Building your business instruction manual – we teach you the importance of creating a bank of Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs). We help you with which ones should take priority and share our templates for you to adapt. 
  • Onboarding and Offboarding Clients and Team Members – We share our best practices to ensure you are onboarding and offboarding your clients and team members professionally. Protecting yourself and your client. 
  • Communication – We share our recommended forms of communication with clients and team members. How to ensure your comms run smoothly and inclusively.
  • Tools, Tricks and Tech – we recommend our library of tools and tech to help your business thrive. The must-haves and why they are important for your business.

Perfect For You

Systemise To Thrive is perfect for you if you are a service-based, business owner. You’re focused on building your business but you are extremely time-short and overwhelmed with the amount of tech, tools and decision making that comes with a growing business. You have a budget to invest in yourself and your business  AND you see the value in spending time now to get everything set up correctly. 

So, moving forward, everything in your business will grow as your client base expands and sales come in.  You want to get organised as quickly and as easily as possible and you want to make a start ASAP .

At the end of the training...

  • We get your business simplified, organised and efficient. 
  • We cut hours off your weekly admin.
  • You won’t need to work harder to see the results!
  • You won’t be exhausted by all the decision making – we decide for you!
  • You won’t be overwhelmed by the processes – we keep it simple 
  • You’ll have more time to do the things you love.

Why Us?

We know there are other courses out there that will provide you with a similar result to what we are promising – they will get you organised, automated and streamlined. But, what we will do is show you the way, hold your hand, offer support, be that friendly face to bounce ideas off of. We will give you the extra resources, walk-through videos, templates and checklists. 

We make organising your business as simple and as straightforward as possible. And we do it with a big smile and with welcoming arms. You’ll be part of a small, exclusive group of like-minded people, who after eight weeks, will have all the tools, know-how and resources to get their business organised and keep it that way!

We would love to have you join us. If you have any questions drop us an email at