Free Challenge!

Systemise Your Business In 5 Days

The most unchallenging challenge you’ll do this year!

You didn’t set up your business to spend all your time looking for emails   (amongst the thousands you seem to be inundated with every day) did you?

Does your business admin sometimes feel like an annoying little beast that you just can’t seem to tame?

Does your to-do list feel like an epic novel that you just can’t get to finish? And where does all the time go anyway?!

Are you feeling so overwhelmed with all the little jobs that are sucking up all your time that you just leave them…. And now you feel like a hot mess and don’t even know where to start?

We hear you!

We’ve got you!

From 1st-5th February we have a 5 days of mini missions for you.

A small project where we will walk you through the little changes you can make within your business that will make you feel more organised, efficient and in control of your work.

From Monday to Friday we will send you a short email with a small task which will take you between 10-30 minutes. You can choose to join our Facebook Group community where you can share your wins and ask questions too.

The small wins which will have
a mighty impact

   Follow our lead and we promise you that you’ll:

Instantly know where to file things

Find emails, docs, images and resources easily

Knock items off your to-do list every day

Create more time in your working week

Be unflustered by your inbox 

The Business Tidy Up


Take this opportunity to get your business admin neat and tidy with a process to follow which means you'll never get in a mess again.

  • Get your Business Admin organised and streamlined.  
  • Seize control of your to-do list.
  • Be ready-to-go and fully prepared as you start each working day. 
  • Have the space and time to spend on things you enjoy and love. 
  • Feel confident and excited that you can keep on top of your growing business. 

We promise you it's the most unchallenging challenge you'll do this year!

Spend 5 days with Systems To Grow and you’ll know how to:

  1. Keep Your Inbox In Check 
  2. Manage Your Time Better
  3. Have a Proven Plan and Framework For Your Working Week 
  4. Follow A System For Your Digital Filing Cabinet 
  5. Feel Good About Your Work From Home Strategy

The Business Tidy-Up Challenge

Nina & Sarah - Systems to Grow

Meet Nina and Sarah!

We both work as online business managers, offering support to small businesses as they scale. We help entrepreneurs grow successfully by taking on the jobs and tasks they find time consuming, complicated or draining. With business growth there often comes new decisions and more responsibilities . We put systems and processes in place which allow businesses to grow smoothly. We reduce the overwhelm and show our clients a clear path to follow which allows them to focus on what they love – their business! We’ve worked together for over four years now and we find our knowledge, expertise and skills really compliment each other. We’re great together, and our goal is to help business owners like you feel organised and confident in moving forward and scaling.

We love working 1 to 1 with clients but there’s just not enough of “us” to go around! And we really want to support as many businesses as we can

– so we joined forces and Systems to Grow was born!

Join us on the most unchallenging challenge you’ll do this year!

It’s fun, fabulous and fruitful!